Happy F*ing Valentine's Day Home Depot!

Or - How Home Depot tried to screw me again...

I got three gallons of Behr paint on Tuesday at the HD in Kohler. I specifically asked if paint would go on sale soon. If so, I would wait until a sale to get my paint. I was assured that paint would not go on sale. The employee even indicated that, as head of the paint department, she "would know".

So, Thursday paint went on sale - a five dollar mail in rebate per gallon.

I went back to home depot and explained the situation the the box of rocks behind the service desk. She responded, "I would have to return your paint and then re-ring your paint". The statement was delivered with a look and tone of voice which clearly indicated how crazy I was. At that point, I said, "Yes. That is what you will have to do".

After 7 (I counted) sighs, I received my newly dated receipts. Thanks a lot, HD!


  1. Nick and I do this jig regularly. It saves us a bunch of money. We even got a free blu-ray player by going back when it was offered later. Pays to keep an eye out!

  2. I think you need to stop going to Home Depot, because you just never have a good story afterwards.

  3. You are just going to have to find another paint, because Home Depot seems to cause way too much stress in your life.