Cabinets and Dressers

Have you noticed that part of the mission of moving was to reduce?

Perhaps my only hope is to reduce the flow of items into the house... Fortunately/unfortunately, I recently acquired the following items that I love and fit well with little house:

Dresser for Sun's room. Cedar Grove Rummage $10. Very few signs of wear:

Dresser for me. One handle is missing a piece of decorative plastic and the top has slight damage but otherwise spectacular - especially when it if free:

My most coveted and essential addition - Metal Cabinet for the kitchen. Hopefully Polly will find time to sandblast it for me and I will paint it all black. In the meantime - a kitchen life saver for $10. Thanks to the Champagne Tuesday crew!!

An now for the most expensive ($40) piece and second most coveted:

I have been lucky enough to find some great pieces for the house. Perhaps only I would call my self lucky but I guess that's all right for now. (Catch that Al?)


Living Room Pictures

OK, it's not really a separate room - just a separate area, but here are the photos so far:

I got this couch eight years ago at a Gibson Girl Estate Sale - apparently, my "unusual" taste is not something that has developed recently.

The ottoman and rug are both Target purchases. The brown ottoman after Christmas and the rug about five years ago on clearance. I wonder why on clearance...

It will probably take me a long time to be satisfied with any drapes I may find. Luckily, I don't mind not having window coverings right now. Sorry, Barb.


In April we got digital TV

It is not that the TV was not digital, it is just that the antenna did not pick up signal. So, Polly got a new antenna and went to work on the roof. In fairness, he did indeed test it before he put it up.

1) Get the old antenna down from the ridiculous tripod that holds it:

2) Get the new antenna on the roof and into position:

3) Completely extend yourself, reach to the top of the tripod while balancing an antenna and yourself on both sides of the top of a ladder that is positioned to straddle the roof with nothing on which to brace oneself except that same rickety tripod fastened to the roof (by a man who could not hang a curtain rod) with 55year old roofing nails:

4) When the pipe is finally through the top hole, spend another 10 minutes jamming it into the second (larger) hole below when - inexplicably - it does not fit correctly.

5) Act as if it is inconceivable that anyone word worry about your physical safety during your project or be concerned that they would actually be taking a picture of your death. Laugh when you are asked about how that headline would read.

6) Take a two hour nap to recover from almost falling to your death.


Fish don't fry in the kitchen, Beans don't burn on the grill - But check out my kitchen table!

So I can not believe how long it's been since I have posted. But rejoice! (or not) I have found my camera cable!

We've been in the house regularly for over a month, and I have a lot of catching up to do to properly chronicle the chaos!

On the last episode we had finished the bathroom and were ready-ish to move more stuff in. I am moving everything here but in pieces. We didn't get this house to crap it up. The intent is to have a place that is set up to make a dyslexic home-maker as successful as possible! To that end, I am trying to take everything at a reasonable pace (the opposite of the first 3 mos of this year) while at the same time not being lazy.

One very recent addition is a table and chairs that I am ECSTATIC about - thank you Craigs list. I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

Table and chairs:

Table top

Chair and Leg Details

Perhaps Polly is right and I don't even really like nice things. Perhaps this is the 1982 VW truck of tables. Regardless, I love it and I think it is a work of art.

Enough! I don't want to send anyone into shock by posting too much. I hope to have more tomorrow!