Finished Bathroom

So, the bathroom is D-U-N (pretty much). I have attached before/during/after pictures...

Day one (you may have seen this before):

Begining of floor removal:

This was a really difficult period for me...

Progress :)

Flooring 1 and 2:

Tada! I can tell that Polly is unsure of the finished project because of the colour. I am pleased and feel it is accurate for both the era and myself. I would appreciate feedback so leave a comment if you have time - this is our riskiest room yet!


  1. Wow, you guys sure have been working your butts off. I just love what you've done with it. It looks great. I think it's awesome you are staying true to the house's history. VERY COOL!!!

  2. Looks great Sara! The blue floor looks very blue, but being such a small space, I think it works.

    I can't remember if the window is frosted or not. If not, I reccomend a frosted window film, we used it on our kitchen cabinets. It would be perfect on a bathroom window right next to the toilet.

  3. Luckily, the window is frosted. One thing that came completed - thank God!

  4. Is the floor just painted hardwood?

    I like the color, because it isn't what color you would expect.