Cabinets and Dressers

Have you noticed that part of the mission of moving was to reduce?

Perhaps my only hope is to reduce the flow of items into the house... Fortunately/unfortunately, I recently acquired the following items that I love and fit well with little house:

Dresser for Sun's room. Cedar Grove Rummage $10. Very few signs of wear:

Dresser for me. One handle is missing a piece of decorative plastic and the top has slight damage but otherwise spectacular - especially when it if free:

My most coveted and essential addition - Metal Cabinet for the kitchen. Hopefully Polly will find time to sandblast it for me and I will paint it all black. In the meantime - a kitchen life saver for $10. Thanks to the Champagne Tuesday crew!!

An now for the most expensive ($40) piece and second most coveted:

I have been lucky enough to find some great pieces for the house. Perhaps only I would call my self lucky but I guess that's all right for now. (Catch that Al?)


  1. Lustrons! What do you want to know?! My husband (Mr. Wild) was the director at the Lombard Historical Society in Illinois. Lombard, Illinois is (was) home to the largest number of intact and in use Lustrons in the United States. I say was, because the wrecking ball was getting in on these buildings to make way for McMansions on small lots when we left the area. He also knows the man who wrote the book on Lustrons, Thomas Fetters. He happened to be the Lombard Historical Society board president for a while. Feel free to ask! I wandered in by way of Aliceson.

  2. I love your metal cabinet!! Are you going to paint with a punch of color? You have an awesome eye for great finds!!

  3. I love the kit. cabinet. Looks like it will fit perfectly.

  4. Good shopping on the dressers. Will continue to keep an eye peeled for the dishes. Just remember champagne Tuesday can come more than once in any week. Sometimes it comes 2 and 3 times a week. Happy Hunting! s

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