In April we got digital TV

It is not that the TV was not digital, it is just that the antenna did not pick up signal. So, Polly got a new antenna and went to work on the roof. In fairness, he did indeed test it before he put it up.

1) Get the old antenna down from the ridiculous tripod that holds it:

2) Get the new antenna on the roof and into position:

3) Completely extend yourself, reach to the top of the tripod while balancing an antenna and yourself on both sides of the top of a ladder that is positioned to straddle the roof with nothing on which to brace oneself except that same rickety tripod fastened to the roof (by a man who could not hang a curtain rod) with 55year old roofing nails:

4) When the pipe is finally through the top hole, spend another 10 minutes jamming it into the second (larger) hole below when - inexplicably - it does not fit correctly.

5) Act as if it is inconceivable that anyone word worry about your physical safety during your project or be concerned that they would actually be taking a picture of your death. Laugh when you are asked about how that headline would read.

6) Take a two hour nap to recover from almost falling to your death.

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