The kitchen - mostly my way...

As the existing kitchen cabinets were actually made by Polly’s grandfather (sun's great), they stay... and in their current configuration.

I will not lament this decision. I believe it to be a good one. These cabinets are the sort of plain but well built ones that we could not afford to buy in this day and age. Sun could easily hang off one of the shelves with no danger of it collapsing. I don't know if I have ever had such well built shelving.

However, they have also been sorely mistreated. I have had success with a product called “Paso”. Unfortunately, some areas will still need to be sanded. Below are some photos:

Drawer front before:

Drawer front after:

Cabinets Before:

Refinished front piece (on right)


  1. It looks like you are working your butt off! The cabinets are cleaning up really well.

  2. Wow! The cabinets look great, I had some doubt but they cleaned up quite nice. What is this Paso stuff? A stripper?

  3. Paso is a cleaner/Deglazer to prep for paint or stain. It is smelly but nowhere near as bad as a straight-up wood stripper - tee hee!