What the hell does it look like?

It took two weeks to get to view the house but we put in our offer the next day; as did the second person who looked at it. The two offers were accepted with our offer being primary. The secondary offer was for more $ but required a longer closing. We won the race - and still paid below list price!

Below are photos from the street and from google earth. Note: outline shows double lot.


  1. Why did you guys move to the smelly house, and are you going to get a smelly cat to live at the smelly house?

  2. 1. Too complicated (or preach-y) to type. What do you think of it?
    2. Smelly cat would probably throw me over the edge - I am so close already!

    Thanks for commenting my blog!

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  4. Hey Sara,

    I like the house, and it looks like you have a lot of work to do, so good luck.

    I don't mind the homilies if they aren't too long.